The Heart of a Tall Oaks Teacher: Resna Brunson and Stephanie Welch

Mar 17, 2016 | Posted by Harold Naylor

The traditional schoolhouse may be a thing of the past but great teachers are not.

Serving others is a bedrock value that Tall Oaks seeks to inculcate into the heart and mind of each student, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Some of this training occurs in formal and structured ways, like the annual Day Of Service. The Day of Service mobilizes the entire school community to serve sixteen agencies and ministries in the surrounding area.


Resna Brunson

Two of our teachers are building on the experience from previous Days of Service.

Resna Brunson took her second grade class back to a local retirement home to sing Christmas carols to the same residents they had visited before in the spring. With all of the smiles and enthusiasm, it was hard to tell who was being blessed more!

Stephanie Welch challenged her fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes to gather food for the homeless and to help resupply the Food Bank of Delaware. In a short time, the students collected 458 pounds for a special December drive. Our offering was part of millions of pounds that feeds needy Delawareans all year. Our students were reminded that they are, in fact, wealthy in many ways.Stephanie Welch

At Tall Oaks, teachers help students see themselves as part of a much larger picture. They are blessed by God to love Him and all others as they come to see the breadth and depth of their own community. Serving others helps combat self-centeredness and an entitlement mentality. These two teachers are shining examples of how their hearts are shaping the young hearts who will be future leaders.

Some of the most critical lessons and truths are taught outside of the classroom. Thank the Lord for providing faculty who capture these moments. To meet some more of our great teachers, consider attending an Open House at Tall Oaks.




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