Partnership with Red Lion Christian Academy and Glasgow Christian Academy

Onemission3approachesDear Tall Oaks Community,

It is with great joy, and praise to our gracious God, that I am announcing the relocation of Tall Oaks Classical School to the campus of Red Lion Christian Academy in Bear, DE. This move will become the permanent location and home of Tall Oaks Classical School during the summer of 2016. After eight months of meetings, deliberation, prayer, periods of fasting, and consulting with educational leaders from around the nation, the Tall Oaks Classical School Board of Directors unanimously voted to move the school to the campus of Red Lion Christian Academy and under the oversight of Glasgow Church.

Red Lion Christian Academy Campus



This move is part of a larger vision to offer a variety of Christian schools from which parents can choose to educate their children.  Tall Oaks Classical School will continue to offer classical and Christian education, Red Lion Christian Academy will continue to offer traditional Christian education, and Glasgow Christian Academy will continue to offer home school Christian education. These three schools will be unified under the oversight of one school board and one head of schools.  This newly formed eleven person school board is comprised of the current Tall Oaks school board and members of Glasgow Church.  Rev. Dr. Chuck L. Betters will serve as chairman of this newly formed school board and I have been hired as the Head of Schools.   3School-transparent.png

This partnership will include shared facilities, administrative staff, and co-curricular activities, but preserve the unique educational models currently in existence at each school.  There will be many great benefits to the Tall Oaks Classical School community resulting from this partnership.  First, the school will be blessed with a fully developed thirty-seven acre campus. God has truly given us a home for Tall Oaks that has exceeded our expectations. Second, after twenty-two years of steady growth and diligent labor, the school will finally have a permanent home and larger platform from which to advance classical Christian education.  Third, Tall Oaks students will instantly have more opportunities in the areas of athletics, art, drama, music, and other co-curricular activities.

Similar to colleges within a university, there will be several distinct Christian schools within the Glasgow Church family of schools.  The collaborative efforts of these Christian schools will benefit parents and families seeking to choose the best type of Christian education for the children God has given them to raise and educate.  This is similar to having an honors college within a university (think of Templeton Honors College at Eastern University or Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania).  Another example more local to us, in K-12 education, is CAB Calloway and Wilmington Charter.  These two schools share one campus, but offer uniquely different schools, with different cultures, uniforms, and special events, while sharing athletics and other co-curricular activities.  By sharing athletic teams and co-curricular activities, Tall Oaks students will immediately benefit from fully developed and thriving athletic programs, great drama productions, clubs, activities, and many other new opportunities.  Joining together on these teams and clubs will foster unity among the schools.


I have sought to paint the big picture and overarching vision, but I also want to address some of the specific details that might be on your mind.

  • We plan to retain the same great staff currently employed at each school.

  • After meeting with ACCS President David Goodwin last month, I was assured that this arrangement will not affect our status as a fully accredited ACCS school.  We also talked with the Executive Director of the DIAA and the Headquarters of the ACSI and PCA to make sure this unique approach to education would be approved by all governing bodies.

  • Tall Oaks curriculum will remain the same.

  • Tall Oaks will have a dedicated space for classes and offices.

  • There will not be any cross over between schools during the academic day.  

  • Families wanting a Tall Oaks education will test their students into Tall Oaks with the same testing procedures we have used for the past several year. Families wanting a Red Lion or Glasgow Christian Academy education will follow similar admission procedures.

  • Tall Oaks will continue to have its own graduation, special events, and culture.

  • The calendar for the two schools will be unified.

  • There will be separate Christmas and Spring Programs.

  • Tall Oaks and Red Lion will wear their own school uniforms.

  • Students will wear the Red Lion uniforms for sports.

  • Student-athletes will ride school buses to and from athletic games and other events.

  • Busing services are available to transport children to and from school.

  • Tuition costs between Tall Oaks and Red Lion are already quite comparable, but at this point we do not feel a need to bring them into alignment with each other.  

  • The finances of Tall Oaks are strong.  Tall Oaks has no debt and we are projecting a substantial financial surplus at the end of this school year.

  • Glasgow Church and Red Lion Christian Academy are also in a strong financial situation and we are partnering with a great church, known throughout their community for actively living out the Christian faith.

  • We are developing a vision for building in order to accommodate growth and long-term suitability. We will communicate this vision in due course, as God leads.

  • Financial contributions can still be made specifically to Tall Oaks Classical School.

We ask that you join with us in praising God for His abundant goodness to us.

In Christ,

Dr. Timothy Dernlan
Head of Schools 

 Dr Dernlan with Family