High School (9th-12th)

The capstone of a classical education is reached in the high school years when our students learn the rhetorical skills that allow them to master a subject and communicate it to others. They learn to conduct research, form their own conclusions, and effectively and persuasively communicate their understanding. 

The leaders of every field have reached this level of learning, which we call the Rhetoric stage. By the time our students reach high school, they are developmentally ready to begin formal training in rhetoric, and to practice applying that training in all their subjects. We give them opportunities to hone their rhetorical skills through written work, including major theses in their junior and senior years, as well as oral presentations. They learn to defend their faith humbly and intelligently. They develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in higher education or to tackle any subject they want or need to learn. Tall Oaks students are equipped to be lifetime learners and leaders.