Christian Principles — Classical Methods — Amazing Results

Testimony from Former Parents and present Grandparents Carol and John Hauser

middle_school_girl_on_slideI grew up in a public school system in the 1950s that was a laboratory of experimental education. We learned to read with Dick and Jane readers which were based entirely on reading by site. I was probably thirty years old before I ever heard the word "phonics". Though we had Bible reading each morning in the classroom, there was no attempt to integrate what was read into any subject matter. In later years, I also discovered that the moral component of what was being taught in our public schools was humanism, a man-centered morality that was replacing the Biblical morality which has been a commonplace in most of our educational institutions for over two hundred years.

When my wife and I were introduced to Christian education in the school that has become Tall Oaks, we were impressed by the fact that the Bible was central to all of the teaching. We came to understand that because this is God's world, He wants us to see all of it through the lens of truth in Scripture. As believers, we can see the marvels and mysteries of science, the beauty of language, art, and music, and the order and preciseness of math. He created all of this for our good and His glory. Any lesser understanding of the purpose of learning is short-sighted. In truth, a God-centered approach to educating our children is part of our obedience to God.

All three of our children are TOCS graduates. Presently, we have a grandchild in first grade and a second grandchild coming to kindergarten this fall. We rejoice in how the Lord has administered to our family through the efforts of those who have labored in this school.

Excerpt taken from Christina Schneider's (Teacher and Parent) State of the School Speech - To view the full speech, please visit What Makes Tall Oaks Unique?

I just want to say what a blessing it has been to experience Tall Oaks in this dual capacity, as both parent and teacher.  We came to Tall Oaks as our son Ben entered the 3rd grade, and in one year, I developed friendships that were closer than any of the relationships I had with other parents at Ben’s previous school.  We are truly fighting for God here, and He has blessed the school richly. 

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We first started our children at Tall Oaks 9 years ago, and our enthusiasm for the school and amazement at God's blessing upon His school continues to grow. The board, administration and teachers truly seek to come alongside the parents to give the students an excellent, God-focused, Christ-centered education of His world in every subject. The high school classes resemble the classes I experienced in college and graduate school, teaching the student to think and defend their position, rather than just learn the facts in order to pass a test, as so many schools do today. The elementary teachers are beyond compare. Any parent desiring that their children really learn to think deeply about God's world should thoroughly investigate this hidden gem.

Comments from Grandparents Chuck and Elaine Cullen

We are grateful to our God for providing you to this world. The systemic aversion to God, which is crippling our culture, presses us harder to see the extreme importance of Tall Oaks and the dedication and substantial personal sacrifices of the Tall Oaks staff. We are indeed grateful for this opportunity to help. We will continue to look for opportunities to do more. Chuck and Elaine Cullen, Tall Oaks grandparents