Volunteer Opportunities

Lunch/Recess Monitor – responsibilities (and joys!) include helping little ones open their milk cartons and other food packages, listening to tales of their mornings’ classes, and getting to know your child’s friends a little better. After lunch, you get to take the children out to the playground where you may get to swing a jump rope, play four-square, push children on the swings or watch a great game of hopscotch. Please consider donating just 45 minutes of your day to this very important time for the children. You may even want to call a friend to join you in this fun each week. You’ll truly be glad you did. Call the office and let them know which day would be best for you each week! Specific Need for Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Teacher Appreciation Committee/Coordinator – Once a month throughout the school year this committee plans and implements a different blessing for our hardworking teachers to let them know how much we appreciate them. These blessings may be a basket of fresh baked muffins delivered to each teacher, a hot take-home meal on those especially long Parent/Teacher Conference days, a gourmet luncheon for all teachers to enjoy together, or an enjoyable Christmastime dinner at a local restaurant. The members of this committee participate by sending in food items for a meal or by donating their time in serving a luncheon. Members of this committee have developed close friendships with one another through serving together as well as have gotten to know their children’s teachers a little better outside the classroom setting. Don’t deprive yourself of the blessing of being a blessing to our wonderful teachers! Call the school office to volunteer for this very worthwhile work.

Special Event Set Up – Several major events take place throughout the school year which require volunteer helpers to set up, clean up and possibly even help take care of some details depending on the event. If you are unable to serve on a regular basis in other capacities due to work or family schedules, you may want to consider serving Tall Oaks in this occasional way.

Bible Memory –  Every Monday morning our 1st through 5th graders require an adult to listen to their Bible memory assignment. Bible memory is the first thing that happens on a Monday morning and is therefore easily done shortly after dropping your child off at school. What a blessing it is to the teachers and students to have dedicated parents listen and encourage the children as they weekly hide God’s Word in their hearts! Call the office to volunteer!

Used Uniform Coordinator/Helpers - Year long; coordinates helpers to maintain used uniform inventory; coordinates/assists with the semi-annual Used Uniform Sale

Spelling Bee Coordinator/Helpers - Responsibilities begin late September; the Spelling Bee is in January

Reformation Day Helpers - October 28, 2016

Fine Arts Days Coordinator/Helpers - February 2017

Day of Service Coordinator/Helpers - April 2017

Tuesday and Friday Ice Cream Sales - during lunch periods from 11:15 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Please contact the main office if you are willing and interested in helping with any of these opportunities.  Thank you!